An announcement about trading in VIPS

Dear TOPBTC users:
Thank you for your active participation in each activity. As VIPS shall be launched, TOPBTC will cooperate with VIPS project parties to make feedback activities for new and old users. The specific details are as follows:
Activity content: tradings enjoy airdrop.
Activity rules:
1. Buy VIPS during the activity. According to the purchase quantity, the top 100 will enjoy airdrop;
2. The purchase quantity shall be calculated according to the purchase quantity during the activity -- the selling quantity during the activity;
3. The VIPS delivery will be finished within 3 working days after the Activity;

Proportion of airdrop:
1. The first one enjoys 2,000,000 VIPS airdrop;
2. No. 2 -- no. 5 share 3,000,000 VIPS airdrops;
3. No. 6 -- no. 10 share 2,000,000 VIPS airdrops;
4. No. 11 -- no. 50 share 2,000,000 VIPS airdrops;
5. No. 51 -- no. 100 share 1,000,000 VIPS airdrops.
Activity time: within 7 days from the online date
Activity time: 19:00, September 12, 2021 -- 19:00, September 19, 2021(GMT+8)

The airdrop candy is provided by the VIPS project.