Announcement about the usage of TOPB and the remained total supply of TOPB

Dear TOPBTC user:

Based on publicity and justice as always,we now make the announcement about the usage of TOPB for activities and the remained total supply of TOPB as below.

1.From 01/06/2021 to 23:59:59 28/07/2021 (UTC+8), total amount of users registered from invitation is 5,966, total amount of airdrop to be sent out for this invitation mechanism is 17,897 TOPB
2.About the trading to get airdrop pf 66.66 TOPB activity, total airdrop amount is 614,805.18 TOPB
3.Total refund TOPB amount is 235ETH which equals to 1,175,000 TOPB. (All will be used for airdrops and other activities.)

5.Total amount held by official:10,532,369.82 TOPB
6.Total amount held by users:187,851,750.12 TOPB
7.Remaining Total Supply: 198,384,119.94 TOPB

We will airdrop cas tokens for the holders of TOPB, and all the holders of the coins will share 1 million CASs together! If you have any questions, please contact online customer service.