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About the two-letter domain name XW.COM collects LOGO activities

TOPBTC bought double-letter domain named XW.COM for 5000 ETH last week, planning to launch before September of this year. XW.COM is co-produced by TOPBTC and Starnet Property in Singapore.As the international community, XW.COM will list qualified currency, and will make an overall community operation. 
In order to serve you better, we are now doing a creative collection activity for the LOGO of XW. UP to 10,000 topbs will be awarded to those whose opinions are adopted. The content of the activity is as follows:

Activity description:
1. There are 3 awards in this activity, including creative works, excellent works and selected works;
2. Activity time: from July 14, 2021 to July 20, 2021 (for one week);
3. The participating users can send their own ideas and Suggestions or sketches (including the platform ID number) to the official email at, which will be officially selected and published by XW.COM after the event;
4. The activity rewards will be distributed within three working days after the activity statistics are published.

1. Selected works -- 688 TOPB awards (3 winners in total);
2. Excellent works -- 988 TOPB awards (2 in total);
3. Creative works - 5,888 TOPB awards (only one).

Thank you for your support and trust of TOPBTC, at the same time thank you for your attention on the Starnet Property and XW.COM, we respect everyone's opinions, and let’s work together to build a high-quality  global board community !