Announcement about to hold UNV Trade Competition

Dear TopBTC Users:

TopBTC is aiming to offer better customer service for so long.
Thanks for your support as always and here we are proud to announce that our 2ND Topping Project-UNV(Universal Coin) is trading online since Jun. 20th. After deep internal conversations with UNV Official, TopBTC now release great welfares to users this time and the detail is as below:
1. Top 1 to Top 3 UNV Traders (complete KYC) will share total 10,000 UNV. (Trade Vol = Buy-Sell)
2. Top 4 to Top 20 UNV Traders (complete KYC) will share total 20,000 UNV. (Trade Vol = Buy-Sell)
3. Top 21 to Top 100 UNV Traders (complete KYC) will share total 30,000 UNV. (Trade Vol = Buy-Sell)
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1. UNV Trade Competition will start from Jun. 26th to 3:00 PM, Jul. 3rd
2. All rewards will be released within 1 week after competition ends