Announcement on the launch of the second project of

Dear TOBPTC users:

Thank you for your attention and support. TOPBTC has always been working on user experience and is committed to providing qualified services and good investment conditions to the public. The “Topping” program is to empower high-profile projects a chance into the secondary market and bring on a better flow of development for those projects. During the process of selection, we spend our time looking into the practical applications and is determined to bring pragmatic and promising projects to our users also with a willingly trying on contributing to the industry. “Topping” is aiming to provide fore-run chances on pre-show for those qualified projects and to bring early-round investment opportunities to our users. After the serious review of the first recruitment, we are now here to announce that the second project of “Topping”, UNV, will be launched on June 4, 2019, Beijing Time.

1. Project introduction
Mission and Objectives
aims to buy land to develop it and build resort and recreational activities.
The platform for selling, buying and renting will be entirely based on the blockchain. Universal community pools their resources to acquire properties together for their shared use. Universal operations combine blockchain technology and real estate utility tokenization to provide attractive key features to its community and users.
This decentralized platform concept implies legal compliance and abides the laws and regulations, partnerships with real estate service providers. Any Individual, startup established company may use  Platform’s ecosystem to avail these unique set of services
(1)Currency name:Universal Coin
(2)Abbreviation:  UNV
(3)Project website:
(4)White Paper Link:유니버셜그룹%20소개서%20및%20백서(ENG).pdf
(5)Total token::9,890,107,289
(6)Total circulation of first-time online exchanges:
(7)Panic buying price:1unv=0.00001btc
2.Rules of snap-up
(1)Start time:2019/6/4—2019/6/11
(2)Limited purchase quantity:the upper limit of a single ID per day is 0.05 BTC=5,000 UNV, and the total upper limit of a single ID is 0.4BTC=40,000 UNV
The total daily purchase is 1,250,000 UNV
(3)Snap-up currency:BTC
(4)Starting time of daily rush buying:13:00
(5) Result of snap-up: everyday after the daily snap-up, the system will count all qualified orders and distribute them according to the ratio of 0.05 BTC=5,000 UNV to ensure that the result of snap-up can be seen within that day.
(6)Participation mode: platform registered users can participate after binding Google Verification.

TOPBTC reminds you:
Encrypted digital currency transactions are extremely risky, so please do not invest more money than your risk tolerance. Please consult online customer service if you need anything.