Announcement on the recruitment of the "Topping Plan" project

Dear TOPBTC users:
Thank you for your choice and trust, TOBPTC has always been committed to providing quality service and investment experience to users. After a long period of investigation and evaluation,  the "Topping" program officially meets with you here. The plan aims to promote high-quality blockchain projects with secondary market opportunities, and to increase the speed of project development and potential energy circulation, while deepening the investment choices of the TOPBTC platform’s users at the same time. Let's TOP'IN !

Event Descriptions:
1. TOPBTC will conduct a rigorous screening of the application list of the "Topping" program , and only the approved projects shall participate in the “Topping” program;
2. This plan implements the panic buying mode and opens the participation opportunity for the whole platform. All registered users of TOBPTC can participate;
3. The first “Topping” project will be launched in the near future. Please pay attention to the follow-up announcement for details.
All projects are welcome to recommend themselves or others.Please feel free to  email us at