About the timing of ENTS online trading

EUNOMIA is a decentralized marketing ecosystem. Utilizing blockchain technology, it builds an online marketplace that allows merchants to tokenize their products, sell it and promote their products efficiently. We try to help SME’S (UKM) in INDONESIA in order to be able to market its in online, not only in Indonesia but also International.

Deposit:10:00am,  1/1/2019 GMT+8
Trading:15:00pm,   16/1/2022 GMT+8
Trade pair:ENTS/ETH

Short name: ENTS

Total :

Website address: https://ent.zone
Block chain: https://etherscan.io/

Notice: Digital assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations and high investment risks. Before investing in digital assets, please have a full understanding of digital assets and be prudent of your own investment ability and decisions.