Announcement on the results of the 7th voting phase and the arrangement of the next voting phase

Dear TOPBTC users:

The seventh term vote of TOPBTC ends at 15:00 on September 12, 2022, after a week of voting. the background system confirmed all the voting data effectively, and ultimately the winner is HLCN (Healthy Coin), a total of 12,926,644 votes, we will arrange on-line within one week, please pay attention to our notice.

First,The 8th term of voting:
1. The voting period of the 8th term shall be 7x24 hours, starting from 17:00 on September 20, 2021 and ending at 15:00 on September 26, 2022(UTC+8);
2. according to the principle of "priority of votes and number of person"; When the number of votes is the same, the item with the most votes wins.
3. TOPB holders enjoy the right to vote for free, with the proportion of free vote being 1TOPB=1 vote, and the proportion of paid vote being 1TOPB=50 votes;
4. After the data is checked and verified by the backstage staff, the winner shall be publicized  and the online announcement will be issued;
5. If the project fail to win in the voting activity, the TOPB paid by the user shall be returned by the original route at the end of the activity, and initialize the vote data of all the projects.

Second, The airdrop
The airdrop from project parties for voting shall be deposited to voters’ account within 7 days after the winning project is launched. The TOPB paid for the winning project vote shall no longer be returned and will be used as platform income. (only return TOPB of free vote payment)

Third.TOPBTC has the right of final interpretation of the activity.