About the timing of NCT online trading

NCT (PolySwarm),Polyswarm is a decentralized threat intelligence market realized through ethereum smart contract and blockchain technology. It defines the source of threat intelligence and how to get good threat intelligence by digesting bad (inaccurate) threat intelligence. Using precise economic methods, PolySwarm promotes rapid innovation in the $8.5 billion annual cyber threat intelligence field, providing timely and accurate malware identification for the global community of security experts.

From the August 19th, 2022 at 10:00(UTC+8)our services for deposit
From the August 21th, 2022 at 15:00(UTC+8)our services for trading

Short name: NCT

Total : 1,885,913,076

Website address: https://polyswarm.io/
Block chain: https://etherscan.io/

Notice: Digital assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations and high investment risks. Before investing in digital assets, please have a full understanding of digital assets and be prudent of your own investment ability and decisions.