Announcement on the reduction of handling fees and the opening of voting coins

Dear TOBPTC users:

Since today, members of the TOBPTC platform can save the fee by holding the TOBP, and at the same time, the voting currency will be opened at 15:00. The details are as follows:

1. 50% reduction in TOPB fee;
(1) 10,000 ≤ TOPB holdings <100,000, 50% reduction fee;
(2) 100,000 ≤ TOBP holding amount <1,000,000, 90% reduction fee;
(3) The TOPB holding amount is ≥1,000,000, and the handling fee is reduced by 95%.

2. Vote on the currency, choose a quality currency;

3. The holder enjoys an irregular new project airdrop;

PS:Introduction of TOPB characteristics of Golden Finance on May 29, 2021