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Announcement on XW.COM's relationship with TOPBTC

Dear TOPBTC users: 

Based on the relationship between XW.COM, TOPBTC and Starnet Capital, we hereby announce its overall planning and layout:

1. Projects under Starnet group: TOPBTC exchange、XW.COM exchange、Starnet capital、Starnet main chain、Bitgame、Starnet mine;
2. TOPBTC exchange and XW.COM belong to Starnetr group;
3. The online forecast of XW.COM(Starnet) on Sep 1st, 2022;
4. the main chain of Starnet is expected to be online on Mar 1st,2019;
5. The follow-up project launch time is to be determined.

Shares of Starnet exchange are distributed as follows:
1. Starnet group holds for 25% shares;
2. Starnet capital holds for 24%;
3. TOPBTC exchange holds for 51% shares.

Note: TOPBTC has no relevant shareholding relationship with other companies of Star group (except XW.COM).

Thank you for your attention to TOPBTC and XW.COM. If you have any questions, please send email to

July 17, 2021