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TOPB on line transactions and air drop notice  

Content of the activity
Trading TOPB will win 66.66 TOPB airdrops(buy only TOPB)
Activity description
1.Only for users who have purchased TOPB and have been verified by real name
2.Activity time
15:00 on July 18,2021 -- 14:59 on July 19,2021(Beijing Time)
3.Airdrop release time
within one week after the end of the activity,the payment will be completed (each real-name account can only be claimed once,and the delivery will be completed)The payment is completed within one week after the end of the event (each real-name account is airdropped once, and is delivered)
Trading pairs opening time
1.TOPB/ETH (15:00, July 18-Beijing Time )
2.TOPB/USDT (15:00,July 19-Beijing Time)
3.BTC trading pairs shall be opened subsequently.
TOPB COIN is a token issued by TOPBTC,also known as TOPB,which is a decentralized block-chain digital asset based on Ethereum
The transaction function will be opened at 15:00 on July 18, 2021(Beijing time)
Total amount of tokens:200 million
TOPB official website:
TOPB block browser:
TOPBTC reminds you:
Encrypted currency transactions are highly risky, please do not invest more than your risk tolerance
If you have any questions Please email to
July 16, 2021