Announcement on TPAY Online Trading


Tokenpay is a decentralized and self-validating payment platform project. Based entirely on mathematics, it aims to achieve secure transactions between multiple parties. Focusing on maximum user safety, the system can only be accessed through an encrypted tor browser. The transaction is conducted with its own proprietary and difficult-to-trace digital asset tpay, embedding the latest and most advanced security features. These features include invisible addressing systems, encrypted messaging, fully anonymous transactions, and uniquely designed hash algorithms that can be quickly and securely validated under any conditions.

From the May 20th, 2022 at 10:00(UTC+8)our services for deposit
From the May 22th, 2022 at 15:00(UTC+8)our services for trading

Short name:TPAY

Total : 25,000,000

Website address:
Block chain:

Notice: Digital assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations and high investment risks. Before investing in digital assets, please have a full understanding of digital assets and be prudent of your own investment ability and decisions.