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On the latest currency exchange announcement

Based on the healthy development of the integrated industry, we are committed to doing things in a responsible manner to the public and redeeming all together within one week after the announcement time of the non-line currency exchange agreement is completed:
1, the currency is not on the line February 7, 2022 began to convert, is expected to be completed within a week of the exchange;
2, the currency of the co-exchange chain (CHC) will be around March 2022 on the line;

3, Allied chain is standard Ethereum ERC20 smart contract tokens, mobile withdrawals to Imtoken and other mobile App wallet

Contract detail:

4,The total amount of this exchange is 2,100,000.

exchange rate:

coin    close price         rate

DKC     0.00008000     12500
DTF     0.00300000     333.3333
FBC     0.00500000     200
FEI     0.00800000     125
HBC    0.00160000     625
MC     0.00297000     336.7003
PTC     0.00120000     833.3333
RDC     0.13500000     7.4074
WXC     0.03090000    32.3625
YDC     0.06000000     16.6667