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About Beauty coin on-line scheduling and activities rules

Information about BeautyBloc
BeautyBloc is the world's first healthcare beauty service platform based on blockchain technology. It took the lead in using blockchain technology to reconstruct the world's trillion-dollar healthcare beauty market each year and established a mechanism for doctors to trust, grow their doctors, Decentralized shared operation center three models, the purpose of the United States medical chain is to create smart medical and beauty ecosystem, using scientific and technological means to improve the efficiency of the industry, is committed to promoting the healthy and orderly development of the medical and beauty industry.
Activities to send money will only send more will not send less, on this point to everyone inconvenience please understand!The specific opening of recharge, pay bills and other trading date to be determined, on this inconvenience to everyone, please understand! In order to express my apologies, activities will only increase the currency will not decrease, thank you for your trust and understanding, we would like to grow together!

Name: BeautyBloc
Short name: Beauty

Total : 10,000,000,000

Website address:
Block chain:
White Paper:

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