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February 4 Shanghai offline blockchain meeting details

With the rapid development of society, the common Internet encounters more or less technical problems that must be solved, such as how to store data better. Now that the blockchain is considered to be the disruptive core of the next generation after the Internet technology. Many countries are accelerating into the "era of blockchain economy", then the question is, the blockchain is technology-driven or the benefits? Blockchain is on our life have a subtle influence, together to listen to share interaction!
Meeting time: February 4, 2022 13: 30-17: 30 pm

Live sign to send candy box (MANA, INK, BTW) waiting for you Oh!

Conference process:
13: 30-14: 00 sign in
14: 00-14: 05 Opening Remarks
14: 05-14: 20 Anxin Xin, Gold Financial Partner        Blockchain thinking and blockchain +
14: 20-14: 35 Paper your science and technology & INK co-founder Xuan Songtao use blockchain to enable cultural and creative industries
14: 35-14: 50 VIOLA, Head of MANA China, Establishes Your Unique Digital Asset in Decentraland's Chained Virtual World
14: 50-15: 05 BTC123 Market Leader Cai Xin Technical Characteristics and Application Cai Xin
15: 05-15: 25 Lucky draw and rest
15: 25-15: 40 European financier Gonzalo    European Exchanges and Miners Current status
15: 40-15: 55 Baker Chain Leader Dr Lilly Mu   Blockchain to change the world, Beck chain to change consumption
15: 55-16: 10 BitGame founder   Kevin       Block chain strong trust capital preservation investment
16: 10-16: 25 TOPBTC Partner    Aoife       Builds a secure, efficient and efficient global blockchain asset trading platform
16: 25-16: 40 Mystic Guest
16: 40-17: 10 question link
17: 10-17: 30 Free exchange and communication

Ps: Please participate in the name of this event, please sign up process, declined airborne

1. Golden Finance
2. Nine Billion Finance
3. Link to Finance
4. Babbitt
5. Activity line

6. btc123