TOPBTC attend the summit in Macau

On January 12, 2022, the Fraunhofer Summit held at the Sheraton Macao Hotel, Sands Cotai Central Macao, China, opened with TOPBTC as its guest speaker and gave a speech and share. The Macau Summit is dominated by state-of-the-art blockchain technology Aims to promote the development of the global financial blockchain industry and bring together many enterprises engaging in the blockchain industry in the world to discuss and exchange ideas together and jointly promote the application and development of the blockchain.

3000+ attendees, 80+ financial technology leaders, 100+ investment institutions, 60+ top blockchain projects both at home and abroad. During the conference, we learned about the innovation, current situation and future trends of the blockchain project. More than one entrepreneur, well-known At the same time, TOPBTC is very optimistic about the block chain and Bitgame, a game industry based on blockchain technology, and is willing to share with you!

During the meeting met more than TOPBTC users, but also more in-depth listening to a number of users of TOPBTC's suggestions and comments, Platform investors was always invited to do an interview in hip-hop finance, and a brief introduction of the current blockchain and the current transaction The form.

TOPBTC has been to safety, customer service for the purpose of doing everything seriously and is willing to work with everyone to grow! See you next time!