On the part of the renminbi currency renovation announcement

Dear TOPBTC user:

Due to the prolonged sluggish activity of some currency communities and the relatively cool transaction data, part of the digital assets are now at a standstill. On the one hand, this part of digital assets lacks team-related maintenance. On the other hand, the blockchain of some digital assets In a broken state, the wallet can not be properly connected and used. As a third-party platform, Topbtc has no plans and obligations to value the blockchain digital assets, but based on the health of the entire industry in the spirit of being accountable to users, it is now decided to convert the following digital assets into new currency (CTL), and in the Topbtc on-line transactions, the specific conversion ratio (based on the average price of the last day) look at the chart below

1. TOPBTC is only responsible for the users of the DABTC's currency, and does not accept currencies from the above list transferred from other platforms or users from other wallets.
2. From the date of announcement until February 6, 2022, do not want to exchange, please mention in your wallet.
3. On February 7, 2022, the conversion will automatically be made into CTLs on the exchange rate. If you have stayed on the platform before this time, we will treat you as agreeing to convert on a pro-rata basis.
4 specific date on the line we will notify again
5. The above interpretation belongs to TOPBTC