TOPBTC participates in the blockchain summit forum

On December 21, 2017, "China's Blockchain Innovation Summit was jointly held by Babbitt, the original chain and the Dreamer Fund and opened in Shenzhen.With the theme of" Blockchain Technology for Digital Ecology and Applications " "Ecological Development of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence" and "Prospecting the Future of Blockchain Technology from the Burst of the Ethercat" started the one-day speech and discussion.

TOPBTC actively responded to and participated in the meeting and contributed a lot to the promotion of blockchain technology. During the conference, many people were very interested in TOPBTC, a digital trading platform from Australia. The staff gave a patient explanation and introduction (below)

Blockchain credit comes from the blockchain data itself, it does not need big data, only need direct data. Blockchain technology makes it possible for people-to-people relationships to pass a state of trust without any third party, which is very handy so that we can form a state of mutual trust through technology!

TOPBTC has been providing professional, safe and honest trading platform for digital lovers all over the world for the purpose of serving every user. Based on this, TOPBTC has been exploring the development of blockchain technology and is willing to grow together with users.